Tiffany K. Scott | Owner/Creator of Tiffany Scott Extensions 

Tiffany K. Scott is the founder of Tiffany Scott Salon and the entrepreneurial creator of Tiffany Scott Extensions. The premier line of long-lasting and reusable keratin, clip-in extensions feature the highest quality 100% real virgin hair sourced from Eastern Europe, delivering immediate, luxurious results. A beauty favorite of many celebrities, Tiffany Scott Extensions are inclusive of all hair types, offering a spectrum of styles with 27 vibrant colors. The “Rolls Royce of extensions” empower stylists to recreate gorgeous, personalized looks with unrivaled quality, lasting a minimum of two years and pushing the limits of what’s possible in hair care.

A born beauty aficionado, Scott began experimenting on her own hair at age 12. At 16, she joined the prestigious Toni & Guy team, using every opportunity to train in the latest techniques. Sitting as a hair model for a style show at 18, Scott watched as a stylist chopped her beautiful locks in front of a full audience. Leaving in tears, she started saving every penny to restore her confidence with hair extensions. When the day of her appointment arrived, she looked in the mirror and finally felt like herself again. At last comfortable in her own skin, her life was entirely changed, and she set out to uplift other women with the same transformational experience. She is also an active stylist in the salon currently and wanted to bring a brand FOR stylists. She knows all the needs and demands of clients and what behind the chair needs to keep the brand current and cutting edge.
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